Links to Curriculum for Excellence

Primarily, this resource sits within one of Curriculum for Excellence’s eight curriculum areas Health and Wellbeing. CfE articulates a set of statements about learning and progression in each curriculum area called Experiences and Outcomes that are used to help plan learning and to assess progress. Each of the activities detailed in this resource has associated Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes identified that relate to two aspects of the curricular area: mental and emotional wellbeing and social wellbeing.

This resource is intended to be used by educators working with children in middle/upper primary and the first two years of secondary school. This means that learners may be learning at the end of First Level (P4 for most children), at Second Level (P5/6/7 for most children) or Third Level (S1/2 for most children). It is the role of the teacher to decide when a child or group should be learning at a given level. The learning activities described in this resource are flexible enough for a teacher to fine tune or support learners to get the most from activities.


The Scottish Government. Curriculum for Excellence: health and wellbeing experiences and outcomes. Edinburgh: Scottish Government.