Time to Reflect

Children have experienced lockdown in different ways. They have had good days and bad days, happy and sad moments, positive and joyful interactions with friends or family as well as periods of loneliness and isolation.  For more on what children told Children’s Parliament during lockdown see Children’s Experiences of Lockdown.

Recovery and a return to school and learning requires us to acknowledge experiences and really hear what children have to say. You may expect that some children in your care will struggle with re-establishing routines and relationships, there may be other children who are newly anxious about school and learning. These first days and weeks back are a time to recognise and respect the views of the child (UNCRC Article 12), and the right to recovery from trauma in an environment that fosters the health, self-respect and dignity of the child (UNCRC Article 39).

These activities will help children to reflect, process and come to terms with their experience of lockdown.