Happiness, Love and Understanding

Scotland may well be the only country in the world to have articulated that children should be loved. One of our National Outcomes (Scottish Government, 2018) states: ‘We do all we can to ensure our children grow up in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding…‘ and it continues ‘Our schools are loving, respectful and encouraging places where everyone can learn, play and flourish’. 

The language of this National Outcome draws on the UNCRC (Preamble), which states that children should grow up ‘in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding’. This echoes what children tell us about the importance of feeling loved, included and celebrated at school. It is because of the UNCRC and what children tell us that we talk about love at Children’s Parliament.

The activities provided here will help you to place love, respect and self-care at the heart of the recovery curriculum.



The Scottish Government (2018) National Outcomes For Scotland. Edinburgh: Scottish Government. https://nationalperformance.gov.scot/national-outcomes/children-and-young-people